Best Co-working Spaces, Hubs and Hot Desking for Freelancers in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is quickly becoming an affordable rival to Manhattan when it comes to co-working and hot desking sites. Featuring comparatively affordable work space and proximity to comparatively affordable living space, Brooklyn offers a great alternative to freelancers looking to work within the city while keeping overhead costs down.

Makeshift Society caters towards creative freelancers and small design studios. For freelancers looking to network exclusively within their creative niche, the site offers skills training and and classes the foster collaboration amongst its members. Rates start a $250 per month for flexible workspace and a committed studio desk cost $500 per month.

Secret Clubhouse boasts that its most attractive membership perk is the ability to attend the North Brooklyn Breakfast Club tech meetup held each month. Located in Williamsburg, the Secret Clubhouse stresses that it is pet friendly and that the area surrounding the site includes pedestrian friendly sidewalks. There is only one membership level, a $500 per month fee that includes a dedicated desk, printer, projector, conference room access, and a key to the building.

Located in East Williamsburg, Brushburg Creative Suite offer its members a dedicated Apple workstation with an Adobe Creative Cloud. Bushburg has one of the most flexible membership plans in the City, starting at $15 per hour, $40 per day, and $175 per week rentals. Monthly desk rentals go for $700

Freelancers looking for bare-bones amenities (and a lower monthly price) can check out Co.217. The site offers a month to month desk rental of $299 per month that includes access to the kitchen and conference room. The low rental price does come with a downside--the site lists no networking or collaborative programs for tenants.

Another low-cost alternative is the Freecandy Creative space, which also caters towards creative freelancers. Desk rental is available on a daily basis for $25 and weekly rentals run $125 per week. The pricing tops out with a $200 monthly rental fee that includes mail service, private phone booths and a 700 square foot photo studio. Potential tenants should be aware that the site is open only during weekdays.

Bat Haus offers another affordable tiered plan for freelancers looking to minimize costs. Open only during the work week, Bat Haus fees start at $20 per day, and work up to $125 for a three day a week pass to a full $175 month fee for the entire month.

Whether they consider themselves religious or not, St. Lydia's Coworking Space offers a spiritual space for freelancers to congregate. In an effort to lure more freelancers, St Lydia's promises that most days the kitchen refrigerator is packed with leftovers from the previous night's service. With rental rates that range from $50-220 per month, St. Lydia's tries to keep costs down for struggling freelancers while building a community. Catering to the spiritual setting, the church offers silent meditation and yoga sessions as well as basic work station amenities.

Green Desk Locations in Brooklyn:

By far, the most prolific provider of shared office space and hot desking in Brooklyn is GreenDesk. With four locations throughout the borough, the company has made it easy for freelancers to work in virtually any part of Brooklyn that they choose. With locations in Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO, Green Desk is an affordable option for freelancers.

Prices for virtual desks at all Green Desk locations start at $79-99 per month. A private office with one desk goes for $425 per month, and at the top of the pricing range are 10 to 30 desk large office spaces for $2,000 to $3,000.

The most convenient Green Desk is located in Downtown Brooklyn, at 147 Prince Street. With easy access to Brooklyn's subway lines including A,B, C,Q,R,2,3,4,5, tenants find it the most accessible for meeting clients. Green Desk's Williamsburg location at 240 Kent Avenue takes advantage of the area's thriving artistic and hipster culture.

The Green Desk DUMBO offices are located at 68 Jay Street and 155 Water Street. Both locations take full advantage of nearby developing tech firms. Located near the Manhattan Bridge, 195 Plymouth offers a turn-key office space for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. This location is easily accessed via public transit, with lines B25, B67, B69, and I-278 nearby.

Brooklyn's shared office space locations are on a par to rival those of neighboring Manhattan. When comparing the price of desk rental between two boroughs, Brooklyn offers a chance for new or struggling freelancers to keep costs down while enjoying a full service working space.