The Top Laptop and Freelance Friendly coffee shops, cafes and bars in New York

Around the city, there are tons of places to get work done while downing some fantastic coffee and tea. But even in a sea of homey coffee shops, a select few rise above the rest. While many cafes are cutting WiFi access in an effort to drive out freelancers and those who surf the 'net for hours on end, plenty more still welcome freelancers into their door. The following list includes the best bars and coffee shops for freelancers, broken down by borough.


Beans and Berries: has earned its place on the list of best places for freelancers to get work done, in part to being voted the best coffee in the Bronx by the Krups Coffee Company. In addition to an extensive menu, Beans and Berries features great WiFi and plenty of reading material for freelancers looking to find some inspiration or slack off of work.
2038 Eastchester Rd


With a laid back vibe that feels less New York and more West Coast, The Panorama Cafe encourages conversation (and thinking) by keeping the music level down to a reasonable decibel. The menu continues special drinks include a Red Velvet latte as well as sandwiches, smoothies and salads.
84-73 Parsons Blvd


Even those who live and work outside of Brooklyn speak of Brooklyn's Central Cafe in hushed tones. Located in Bushwick, freelancers continually praise it for scoring high marks in all categories: fast Wifi, friendly staff, fully packed food menu and great coffee. Sweetening the deal even further, Central Cafe installed couches, which make for easier conversations and networking.
108 Central Ave

Swallow Cafe is located in a huge space, which means plenty of room to spread out and get some work done. The cafe has undergone some re-visioning over the years, and now the staff focuses solely of brewing up great coffee. The coffee-centric focus means that the rest of the menu is a little light, so getting a full meal while working can b a challenge. With an incredibly fast WiFi network, getting and staying online is a breeze at Swallow Cafe
49 Bogart Street

House of Small Wonder is a neighborhood favorite with Williamsburg residents. It stands out amongst some of the others in the list for having affordable sandwiches, including some for under $4. With a fast and dependable WiFi, this is a great place to get some work done in Brooklyn.
20 Skillman Ave

Champion Coffee is a well kept secret in the Greeenpoint section of Brooklyn. This one is a little out of the way, but the trip over there is well worth it. The coffee is fantastic and the menu is extensive and highly regarded. For warmer days, Champion offers a backyard for stretching out and getting some sun while working.
1108 Manhattan Ave

Red Horse Cafe is also a bit off of the beaten path, and like Champion Coffee, it's well worth the effort to get there. Located in Park Slope, the cafe has a quick Internet connection, full menu and prides itself on a child-free atmosphere.
497 6th Ave


Coffee Foundry appeals to a specific niche in the freelancing community: anyone who prefers beer and wants to fire off a few rounds of karaoke after work. Since they've combined both under one roof, it's entirely possible to go from office space and neighborhood bar without moving.
186 W 4th Street

With a name like Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, it's easy to get an image of that the cafe is like before arriving. In fact, Housing Works features the usual internet cafe comforts of fast Wifi and lots of working space. Combining the cafe with a well stocked and quiet used book store means that it's possible to get some work done in peace and quiet.
126 Crosby Street

Located in the Columbia area, Max Cafee caters to a mix of college students and Morninghside Heights residents. Known for its remarkable pastries, the staff work hard to keep a laid back vibe in the cafe. Freelancers who need to sit for several hours to get some work down will find the staff unobtrusive and the food delicious.
1262 Amsterdam Ave

Freelancers will continue to flock to cafes and bars for affordable workspace in the City. While some shops are reducing freelancer friendly amenities like free WiFi in order to chase away the laptops, there are still many places in New York to get great coffee and finish some work. Within each borough, there are some long standing favorites and hidden gems that can provide a great work place when renting office space is too expensive.