Best Co-working Spaces, Hubs and Hot Desking for Freelancers in Manhattan

Even as shared office space continues to spread across New York City, Manhattan continues to take the lead in providing opportunities for co-working space for freelancers. While most of the hot desking spaces in the borough are worth checking out, a select few rise above the rest to become truly epic.

The Assembly

When it opened in 2011, eager freelancers rushed in to fill all of the 100 available seats at General Assembly. Today, it's the site to beat as well as the place to be seen.

Featuring a state of the art media library, 15 person conference rooms, classrooms that hold up to 35 and an event space that holds up to 200, The Assembly has grown over the years to meet ever-increasing demand. The Assembly features tons of amenities and creature comforts to keep freelancers from venturing outside the building, including a full kitchen and bar, lockers, bike storage and a mail room. All of this comes at the price of $500 per month for dedicated membership and $300 for communal membership.

If General Assembly is too "corporate" or too expensive, there are lots of other options within Manhattan. SoHo boasts two popular alternatives to General Assembly, the Fueled Collective and We Work Labs. The former group is quiet about membership fees, but We Work Labs offers a subsidized monthly membership for $250 and offers month-to-month options. Both offer scaled down versions of General Assembly that include seminars and educational programs for entrepreneurs as well as shared working space and places for in-person networking.

Projective Space offers shared working space, but only to tech- based smaller companies. In addition to the current location in SoHo, Projective Space recently opened a second location on the Lower East Side on Allen and Grande. For a monthly price of $325 a seat, the site boast a statistic to be proud of--none of the companies that have been fostered by Projective Space have failed.

The oldest shared workspace in Manhattan is New Work City, located in Little Italy. New Work City prides itself on being a place that connects those who want to teach with those who wish to learn. The site has the most flexible payment options in Manhattan, starting with a $30 per day drop-in fee. Freelancers who wish to use the space on an infrequent basis can pay $100 per month to use the facility up to four times a month. For $300 per month, workers can use the facility as much as they wish during the month.

Union Square's Spark Labs offers another option for tech based workers. Located in the heart of New York's Silicon Alley, Spark Labs offers a 24-7 dedicated work environment. The $550 per month desk fee includes typical hot desk amenities in addition to a year's worth of free hosting and discounted gym membership.

Joynture takes advantage of a prime Wall Street location, blending New York's traditional economy with its future one. At the entry level, freelancers can buy a $35 day pass or opt for full membership for $500 a month. Amenities include private phone booths and ping pong, PS4 and a Wii for use during downtime.

For the budget conscious, We Create NYC is worth checking out. The site offers affordable tiered memberships, beginning with a $75 per month fee for 10 hours of working space and a mailing address. We Create NYC offers its "Innovators" unlimited hours of working space per month and a bonus four hours conference room use. For freelancers who work on both sides of the Atlantic, Create NYC offers a London location, and membership includes access to both locations.

Manhattan has an abundance of shared office space and hot desk locations for freelancers. Even on the tightest of budgets, it's possible to find office space and a place to collaborate in Manhattan. Co-working offers entrepreneurs and freelancers a chance to combine social activity and collaboration with a dedicated and professional space in which to do business. When compared with the typical cost of renting office space, the monthly fees that the most popular hot desk sites ask present a real bargain for freelancers. In addition, the opportunity to break out of the isolation and seclusion that many at home workers face make the amenities that these sites offer an even better bargain.