Best Co-working Spaces, Hubs and Hot Desking for Freelancers in Queens

Although the number of shared office space locations in Queens is dwarfed by those in neighboring Brooklyn and Manhattan, there are many options spring up within the borough. Just as with the other outer boroughs, the comparatively inexpensive rates in Queens make working there an affordable alternative for freelancers.

Entrepreneur Space opened in 2012 as the result of a $170,000 grant from the New York City Economic Development Council. Focusing on food manufacturers, bakers and caterers, the space offers dedicated office space and workrooms for burgeoning food based businesses. The incubator is dedicated to helping groom new businesses, with programs for counseling, networking and technical assistance for clients.

Many new co working spaces are springing up in Western Queens, and Long Island City and Astoria are both reaping the neighborhood benefits of having independent workers fill up available work spaces.

Opened in 2011, the Oracle Club features work spaces for writers and artists. While the artist spaces are often filled to capacity, writers can often find a few free spaces for doing work outside of the home. Open seven days a week, 8 am to 11 pm, the Oracle Club bills it as a quiet place where workers can meet like-minded individuals.

Founder Jenna Gribbon, who still lives above the Club, remains a guiding force for the site which offers members regular events that include musical performances and open readings as well as classes. Membership to the Oracle Club costs $150 per month.

Create Space takes full advantage of its location inside of the Aurora Gallery. The founders envisioned the Space as a place for creative professionals to work, but welcome any kind of worker who wishes to do businesses outside of a corporate box. Members have the option of choosing open seating within the gallery or working from a dedicated desk.

Membership in Create Space $125 a month for access to the site twice a week. Unlimited access to the site from Monday through Friday with weekend hours upon request is $225 a month.

Billing itself as a “hub” for networking throughout the creative community, the Local Project recently relocated to its current location on 44th road after their original location was slated for demolition. In order to finance the move, the group opened membership to the creative community.

The current location boasts typical office equipment, including scanners, printers and a sound system and projector system. Membership comes with a $200 a month price tag, and members who can commit to several months receive a break with a $180 per month rate.

A relative newcomer to the shared office phenomenon, the Queens Collective plans to expand its services towards clients on a par with other incubators and shared work spaces in the city. Currently the Collective offers private call rooms, conference space, a stocked kitchen and typical office features.

The founders plan to offer educational and training workshops as the Collective continues to grow. Currently, potential tenants can choose from tiered pricing starting with single day drop in fees of $25. For $305 per month, tenants receive a dedicated desk and full access to the site's amenities.

While shared workspace within Queens are not as numerous as those in neighboring boroughs, there are options for freelancers to find dedicated work spaces within their niche. In addition to checking out the options listed, freelancers have the option of renting shared spaces that are not based on a collective or incubator business model. There are numerous websites that help match freelancers and entrepreneurs with available work spaces. As existing sites continue to fill up with freelancers, wikis and niche real estate sites are catering towards finding office space to keep up with demand.

Finding affordable shared work spaces within Queens can be tricky when compared with other locations within the city. As the phenomenon continues to catch on with home based workers looking for an affordable storefront, the options within Queens will continue to grow. Many brands, including Green Desk have set a franchise like business model that enables them to establish multiple locations around the city. As the demand grows within Queens, the number of options for desk and office rental will grow with them.